Creative Transformation
Michael L.
Social Activist

“The three day seminar creates transformation within the realm of love and relationships. Bringing everything that was not seen into view. It allowed me to create a different future for me and the people in my life. Just Outstanding!” ~ Michael L.

Dramatic Shift In Performance
Shannon S
President Premiere Image

“Since working with Brahm, our direction has become more clear and our business growth is accelerating. In his unique way, Brahm has pushed and prodded, asking the right questions, enabling us to move forward dramatically” ~ Shannon S.

High Impact Coaching!!
Kazem O.
Independent Software Leader

“Most of us can run; the better runners amongst us get coaches. This statement was one that stuck with me. Now, after 3 on and off engagements I do sincerly feel Brahm’s coaching has made my career and personal life more successful, less stressful and accorded me much clarity! I would definitely recommend Brahm to anyone looking for making the highest impact possible.” ~ Kazem O.

Exceptional Coach
Jay L.
Software Team Lead

“An exceptional coach and mentor who gives of himself selflessly. Always willing to lend a hand, coach and mentor others to take them to greater heights. Brahm has a strong presence, who lives in the now and gives of himself 100% when you are with him.” ~ Jay L.

High Impact Mastery
Adam E.

“High Impact Mastery Program is one of the best I have encountered. I thought I had clarity and focus, until I did this program. My results shot through the roof, my stress went through the floorboard. I became effective at what I do and highly productive. There is a passion and a purpose behind every thing I do, that seems to gather momentum along the process. Thank you for your knowledge on structures, systems, processes. This is an awesome program. My life has become a project for being Masterful!!!” ~ A.E – Webpreneur

Confidence. Unstoppable!!
Chwen J.
Public Health Dietician

“I have benefited significantly from Brahm’s professional coaching services. Brahm has a wealth of knolwedge in personal development and unique ability to empower people to embark on the journey of self discovery and persoanl growth. I have gained valuable tools to strengthen my capabilities to achieve my goals and become a super confidenent person.” ~ Chwen J.

Hard Lessons. Take on Life.
David Harfield
Undergraduate Honours Program

“Brahm Memone is a dedicated, focused, and very empathetically caring individual who works and drives individuals to success, not by the easy route, but by seeking out and following the ‘best’ route. It is a pleasure to work with Brahm. His approach to success is truly focused on the individual, not the globe. His commitment to genuine life values is refreshing in a society that is ever more ‘me-me-me’ centered with ‘instant gratification’ as a goal. Brahm deals with reality and faces it with enthusiastic vigor.” ~ David H.

Inspirational Speaker.
Michael M.
Tax Specialist

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Brahm for a couple of years through TMI. He has the ability to capture an audience with voice, presence and attitude. His perspective on issues differs greatly from mine, but he always listens attentively and responds with a positive and helpful alternative view. He has a firm grasp on what is important in his life and it is a genuine pleasure to hear him speak. Brahm is one of those people that truly inspires when speaking, you merely need to listen.” ~ Michael M.

Sparked the creativity within
Vivian S.
Sales Representative

“If you are ever like me, get stuck in repeating situations and don’t know how to get out from the misery time over time? There are plenty of self-help books, audio programs, and Coaches on the market, and wonder which one can hold my hand and pull me out right NOW? The good news is, Brahm Memone, a High Impact Mastery Coach, in a very short few weeks taught me the act of forgiveness and the courage to boldly express gratitude and warmth no matter what; create value based way of being; know who I really am and what difference I am making to my clients, and the environment. Coincidentally, Brahm also helped awaken my creative side which had been forgotten for over three decades.” ~ Vivian S.

Unleash The ExtraOrdinary Potential
Sonia D.

“Brahm makes you look at yourself in a whole new way. He sees the spark in you that has unlimited potential and guides you to strive for brilliance. A man who walks the talk.” ~ Sonia D

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