25 Feb

Learn to observe & be Generative

Instead of the continual automatic reactions and responding to external circumstances learn to observe and be generative. 

Short term strategies spring forth from the immediate reflexive actions. these are designed to avoid risk uncertainty, move away from pain to pleasure. The immediacy of such spontaneous actions never gathers moments for the long term and is never future oriented. 

To observe. To be generative. Is the key to long term forethought, and active participation instead of the reflexive knee jerk actions that fill the lives of many people. They are the ones who go through life in mediocrity, living the average life of the crowd with no goals, no vision and no purpose. 

Learn to observe everything. Observe yourself. Observe what is going on with you and why you do what you do. Observe the immediate world out there around you. What have you surrounded yourself with. What are you paying attention to? The more you observe the more generative you become. It is the key to creativity. 

Generative is to act from within, rather than be reactive or respond to external circumstances. Generative means to create new circumstances, new models, new ways of doing thing and disrupting the entrenched status quo. It means being the highest expression of who you are. It is using your creative genius, adaptability and resourcefulness to the fullest extent.

This is what unleashing yourself looks like.

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