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Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery Brahm Memone founded the “High Impact Mastery” training & coaching programs from a deeply held awareness that everyone must have self-knowledge, mastery and understand how their inner life works, what brings integrity and wellbeing into there own development, so that they can in turn serve the world with great eminence and devotion.
Brahm Memone has worked and lived on three different continents, from which he has gleaned deep insights. What is severely lacking in the world is creative expression and being masterful, being at ease and and the freedom to be exactly who you are, rather than a product of the constant conditioning from the overbearing noise. The socioeconomic construct we live into that creates and enhances the perpetual “human condition”. It suppresses our high understanind and expression of who we are, underneath the layers of conditioning. It prevents us from creativity, deep connection and being masterful. It takes away our natural ability of adaptability, ingenuity and resourcefulness.

High Impact Mastery addresses this human condition from which each of us operates, to something far greater and bigger. Brahm Memone’s purpose is that each and everyone of us becomes masterful and a generative leader. This forms a strong foundation for who you are in the world, and a spring board for the ability to stand up, stand out and create unprecedented outcomes.

To find out how to make the highest impact possible and change the world. Start here.

Training & Coaching Programs teach the following:

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery
1. How to create your life as an extraordinary project of Mastery
2. You will learn how to expand your awareness. It brings to light things that lay in your blind spot.
Awareness is the master key to an extraordinary quality of life without costing us the planet.
3. You will learn that individual happiness and the greater good are synonymous and aligned.
4. A step by step foundation for making the highest impact possible.
First step to any success is to build resiliency to withstand, recover from and reorganize in response to crises. This creates a foundation to unleash your extraordinary potential.
5. Simplifying everything in life creates attention, clarity and focus that enables expansion of awareness, achievement and phenomenal success.

You will experience:

1. A dramatic shift in your performance and productivity.
2. How to become an active participator in your life, fully engaged.
3. The formula for creating extraordinary outcomes.
4. You will understand, redefine and accelerate your own success strategies.
5. Remarkable things happen around you when you follow the principles of Mastery.

You will learn to ask powerful questions and inquire into:

1. Who am I?
2. What gives rise to my existence?
3. Why do I do what I do?
4. What will unleash me?
Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery


"Those who understand much may be wise,
but those who understand themselves are even wiser.
Those who are master over many may be powerful,
but those who have mastered themselves
are more powerful still."
~ Lao Tzu 700 BCE

"How to make Your Life into an ExtraOrdinary project of Mastery":

is a powerful series of 3 videos that shed light on the automatic conditioned way of being and how to shift to a being Masterful.

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery

High Impact Mastery Training & Coaching Background

What leads some people to stand up and stand out, with the ability to serve and make an extraordinary difference? What creates that burning desire to transform themselves and change the world in the process? These are the hard questions people are asking when faced with the current status quo and the broken system.

How do you take in a deeper consideration of who are you, why you do what you do and what drives you from deep within? If you know what gives rise to your existence, it gives you a perspective that most don't have. And most of all what will unleash you; that extraordinary potential and creativity that lies buried within you? How can you use it to make this world a better place?

The wisdom to understand deeply what gives rise to your existence is pivotal to unleashing yourself.


Everything we do is driven by the socioeconomic construct we live into each day. Our needs, wants, dreams, desires and ambitions together with our struggles, the over striving and the tremendous stress compounded with the constant anxiety to succeed are all dictated by this construct. The problem with the construct is that it doesn't have mutual consistency, throwing us all into a deep confusion of who we are and what we are to do with our lives.

And it shows up in the rapid depletion of resources, the degradation of the planet with the debt crises, austerity, the geopolitical turmoil, continual armed conflicts and the lock down and polarization of ideologies, with a tremendous confusion in social and cultural values. These are times of extreme disruption. We have reached a bifurcation point, where we must make wise choices to rise to higher levels of understanding and expression or go out of existence. This is the age of Wisdom.

"When a molecule's implicate (existing) order starts to fall apart, the entity faces a moment of choice, the bifurcation point. It can either go out of existence, or reorganize itself at a higher level to accommodate the new variable." ~ Ilya Prigogine

"A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels." ~ Albert Einstein

"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." ~ California Academy of Science


High Impact Mastery training & coaching programs focus on Creativity & being Masterful. To take complete control of your life. To take charge of all dimensions of your life.

The training program will enable you to Unleash Your ExtraOrdinary Potential, to build RESILIENCY to withstand, recover from and reorganize in response to any crises.

According to World Economic Forum (WEF) in fact resilience to global risks is not a luxury and needs to be part of any business or national development strategy, [or an individual, group or community]. No one is safe. No opportunity should be lost.

Resiliency is a strategy to thrive no matter what is happening in the tumultuous world. It is raising the bar on your standards, seeking to create extraordinary outcomes, to stand up and stand out, and be fully engaged in life; to be recognized as Invaluable in your work, business, relationships and your community; to lead, serve and be valued. In short to be Masterful and create the Highest positively charged Impact.


Learn how exponential awareness, the master key to wisdom, can transform your life.
Unleash your full capacity.
Dramatic shift in your performance.
Accelerate your success.
Achive any goal.
Create extraordinary outcomes.

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery

Mastery leads you to work directly, deliberately with everything. From your work to the design of your life. To begin to have a deeper understanding of what you are dealing with, whether it's work or your life or the people that you love. And with that remarkable things begin to happen around you.

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What Is Your Gift For Humanity

Embedded in your devotion to serve and make a difference, there is a gift. A gift for humanity's wellbeing, that unleashes the latent extraordinary potential of humanity.
Your gift becomes a catalyst for the change.

Live An Intentional Life

Make your life intentional on changing the world. That is a worthy goal. But first transform yourself. Be someone who walks the talk.

Resiliency: The Foundation To Unleash Your Potential And Thrive

Resiliency is the ability to withstand, recover from and reorganize in response to any crises. It is a strategy to thrive no matter what. Resiliency is a hallmark of elite performers who make a lasting impact.
Resiliency allows you to work with uncertainty, ambiguity, the unknown with fearlessness.

Serve With Eminence And Devotion

It matters not what your unique talents are. But if you serve with great eminence and devotion, you raise yourself and and the rest of humanity.

Who Are You? What Gives Rise To Your Existence?

An identity generated from external circumstances or things confines your creativity, connection and masterful competency. Your primary identity is given by the field of existence you live into. Who you are and how you serve and be a contribution depends on this field of existence.
This is the most powerful conversation you can engage in.