Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery


You want to:

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery ➠ Make the highest positively charged impact. But don't know how.
➠ Be a contribution. But don't know what it looks like.
➠ Be the difference. But lack the power to do so.
➠ Be an active participator, fully engaged in life. But you find yourself entangled in obstacles and challenges.
➠ Feel alive. Vibrant. Energized. But lack the energy.
➠ Leave a legacy. But fear keeps you static.
➠ You want to be the real you, authentic. But there is something you can't quite figure out that keep you in a tight box. This causes the most anguish in your life.
➠ Be a deeply loving person. But worries, anxiety, stress, busyness take over.
➠ Be clear and focused with a purpose. But lack the direction, whilst being confounded with confusion.
➠ Live a life of joy. But you don't feel happy enough yet.
➠ Make your existence deeply meaningful. If only you could achieve some of the above, you would have a deeply meaningful life.


Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery


When you learn to ask powerful questions and inquire deeply, a space begins to open up for creating some of the above desires.

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery 1. Who am I?

2. What gives rise to my existence?

3. Why do I do what I do?

4. What will unleash me?
As you begin to discover profound things about yourself during the training program, floodlights go on, and you begin to unravel and see many possibilities that were in the unknown, in your blindspots. This forms the springboard to becoming unstoppable. You stand at the threshold of creating extraordinary outcomes.


1. How to create your life as an extraordinary project of Mastery. Learn to live your life as a creative project. The focus being to Master yourself. Become an exemplary Generative Project Leader of your life.
2. Learn how to expand your awareness. Awareness is the master key to an extraordinary quality of life without costing us the planet. That individual happiness and the greater good are synonymous and aligned. This gives you access to unleash your creativity and be expansive.
3. A step by step foundation for making the highest positively charged impact.
First step to any success is to build Resiliency to withstand, recover from and reorganize in response to crises. This creates a foundation to unleash your extraordinary potential.
4. Simplifying everything in life creates attention, clarity and focus that enables creativity, connection, masterful competency, achievement and phenomenal success. Hallmark of elite performers.

The above are the benefits of engaging in the High Impact Mastery training program
Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery


"Those who understand much may be wise,
but those who understand themselves are even wiser.
Those who are master over many may be powerful,
but those who have mastered themselves
are more powerful still."
~ Lao Tzu 700 BCE

"Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world, for this would be to project your illusion." ~ Inscription on Karnak Temple Circa 1500BC, Ancient Egypt.

"Know thyself" ~ inscription on Temple of Apollo at Delphi Circa 600 - 500 BC

"The unexamined life is not worth living." ~ Socrates Circa 450BC


Resiliency is the ability to withstand, recover from and reorganize in response to any crises. Resilience to global risks is not a luxury and needs to be part your strategy to:
1. Standout and be masterful
2. Take back control and simplify your life
3. Declutter all the encumbrances for clarity and focus
4. Be clear on your needs, wants, dreams, desires and ambitions
5. Be less busy but highly productive
6. Take charge of your cashflow
7. Become more creative and self-expressed
8. Become fearless in thinking big ideas
9. Organize, energize & mobilize to take action consistent with your big vision


Isn't it time you overcame all your struggles, the over striving and the tremendous stress compounded with the constant anxiety to succeed. Stop coasting and get organized, energized & mobilized for generating outstanding service, AND be recognized as invaluable in your peer circle.
Success follows naturally once you become an active participator.



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Insights from participants

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery Unleash The ExtraOrdinary Potential
“Brahm makes you look at yourself in a whole new way. He sees the spark in you that has unlimited potential and guides you to strive for brilliance. A man who walks the talk.” ~ Sonia D - Nutritionist

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery Creative Transformation
“The training program creates transformation within the realm of love and relationships. Bringing everything that was not seen into view. It allowed me to create a different future for me and the people in my life. Just Outstanding!” ~ Michael L. - Social Activist

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery High Impact Coaching!!
“Most of us can run; the better runners amongst us get coaches. This statement was one that stuck with me. Now, after 3 on and off engagements I do sincerly feel Brahm’s coaching has made my career and personal life more successful, less stressful and accorded me much clarity! I would definitely recommend Brahm to anyone looking for making the highest impact possible.” ~ Kazem O. - Independent Software Leader

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery Confidence. Unstoppable!!
“I have benefited significantly from Brahm’s professional coaching services. Brahm has a wealth of knowledge in personal development and unique ability to empower people to embark on the journey of self discovery and personal growth. I have gained valuable tools to strengthen my capabilities to achieve my goals and become a super confident person.” ~ Chwen J. - Public Health Dietician

Brahm Memone High Impact Mastery Sparked the creativity within
“If you are ever like me, get stuck in repeating situations and don’t know how to get out from the misery time over time? There are plenty of self-help books, audio programs, and Coaches on the market, and wonder which one can hold my hand and pull me out right NOW? The good news is, Brahm Memone, a High Impact Mastery Coach, in a very short few weeks taught me the act of forgiveness and the courage to boldly express gratitude and warmth no matter what; create value based way of being; know who I really am and what difference I am making to my clients, and the environment. Coincidentally, Brahm also helped awaken my creative side which had been forgotten for over three decades.” ~ Vivian S. - Sales Representative

Mastery isn't about an end result. It is the consistent crafting of competency, the creative process that keeps excellence on an ever increasing curve with no peak in sight. It's the progress towards the attainment of perfection of mind, movement and stillness. A unity between balance and harmony.

-- ∞ --

Resiliency is the ability to withstand, recover from and reorganize in response to any crises, failures and mistakes. Resilience to global risks is not a luxury and needs to be part of any business, an individual, group or community. No one is safe. No opportunity should be lost.